Love is red sweet like a cherry
Warm as the blood in your veins
Proud as the crimson on your lips.
Love is white like the pearl in the sea
White as snow pure like water
Soft as cotton smooth as your skin
Mild like a touch gentle as a cradle.
Love is blue silent like the night
Cool as the breeze in the mountain
Calm like the river in the dark
Sad as the misery from the past.
I asked again
what color
is love
Love is a rainbow with flying colors
It my be red, white, yellow
So good and cozy to linger on
It maybe blue, gray, blXXk
So sad and pity to
stick on
Yetl ove
is colorless one.
Love reflects any single XXt of kindness love
is like a prism, a diamond
When light passes through it Colors are created so amazing like ‘love’
Simple but it becomes
beautiful When you found a true and sincere one
I hope you will enjoy reading the love colors