It is the time for the sun 2 be gone
it is the time for the darkness 2 shown
no lump is able 2 light my night
my shadow dissaper and with it i lost my life
all the truth revaled
my fake and positive emotion stops
Iam the sad and the quiet person again
i cant blame any one because i put my heart into the flames
i got 2 pause in front of people and try 2 hide
and still wear the fake smile
once i had a dream
to make a diffrent in the world
but i gusse i must start to make diffrence in my self
if i could do that word
it mean that i made a positve diffrence in the world
the weather is cold
and my happness gone with the stormy wings
lonely and disspointed is how i feel
when i start 2 write the paper was white
and now i see it turned up black

by me 2e