Every time that I look in The mirror ...

I see a man … that gets older and older ..

With a hold in his soul .. gets deeper and deeper ..

And has nothing to do … but blaming it on The others ..

Within every single inch of him

There is a pure hate for The winners ..

Within every single look of his eyes

There's more blaze in them more than The devil's ..

Spent his last ten years … thinking of nothing but Evil ..

Good means nothing for him more than a letter ..

Heart means nothing to him … it's just a blood pumper …

No need to be tormented in Hell for an Eternity ..

For He live in His Inner Hell … and He will forever ..

Then I met you … and everything went The other way ..

No more aging … with you I'm forever young ..

No more hole in The soul .. all what's there are angels songs

No more blaming others .. for now I am The others …

Within every single inch of me …

There's a little Cupid waiting ..

Awaits For every single look of my eyes …

For The word ( I LOVE YOU ) that He'll be Carrying ..

Now I'll spend my next seventy years ..

Thinking of nothing but Admiring ..

Good and Love are my Life now .. God Knows how much I wanted this thing ..

My heart still means nothing to me ..

For it's all yours now …

Now I can Die Happy … Even if I will not go to Heaven ..

For I'll be Immortal … In your Heart ..

And we'll Be Together … for ever and after …