That's the last poem I've written
Idk why i haven't got the passion yet to write another poem
But i'm writin some songs ;P

Well anyways umm hope u guys like it :3

The air I breathe hurts me to death
Remembering what we left back then*
All the good and the bad in one breath
Wishing it would come back again.*

Believe it or not I'm suffering*
Without any advice or a hand*
It hurts when you have nothing
Feels like your soul as sand.*

I've written hundreds of letters that I've never sent*
Waited for the rights of me to come out somehow*
Never known what life without a friend meant*
But it's true what I've been living for now.*

I would take what's been left of me*
With what I can't change in a haziness life*
What I feel my eyes cannot see
I would suck it all up cuz I live with strife.*