HELLO ! how are you all?
"******** forum has been growing and growing...
we have new members and old members that
are still here.. everyone has become friends and
been there for each other ..

now, to get to know you guys a little better,
I decided to make this thread ..
as you guys know that there was one before,
but some how its very old.
.. But i want to give cridet for Westo Cause it was his idea in the first place..

so teens, introduce yourself ..
only if you are comfortable of..
you dont have to, if you dont want too..
we can learn a little about you...

name الاسم ..
العمر ...
المهنه ...

نوع الجنس ذكر او انثى
الهوايه ...

add more if you want .
.ضيف اي شي يعجبك ...

ويارب اشوف الكل معرف عن نفسه
حتى يكون بيناتنه تعارف حلو